Filmtools Teenie-Weenie 24" Stainless Steel 3/8 Diameter Mini Grip Rod

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  • 24" 3/8" diameter Mini Grip Rod
  • Stainless steel
  • Perfect for triangulating support

The Teenie-Weenie Grip Gear band Stainless Steel Rods are an integral part of our camera mounts. They are depicted in the picture above. The Camera mount load is placed over the 6" Suction cup, via a 5/8" stainless steel rod. The stainless steel rods are placed at 45 degrees vertically and 90 degrees horizontally from each other, thus creating a perfect triangulating support. Without the rods the "Tower" would be subject to harmonic vibration; with them in place, the structure is now solid. We also use the rods with our Gripper Tie-Down Kit to give cameras more support and reducing vibration.

Note: All other components pictured are not included. Each rod is sold separately.

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