Matthews Studio Equipment C-Stand Survival Kit

  • 12 x 18" light shaping scrims and flags
  • Grip heads and arms
  • C+ Century Stands
  • Cases are included to store the flags and scrimss

The MSE C+ Survival Kit (Matthews Studio Equipment part# 999004) contains the following: 2--C+ Stands, 2--Adapters 1-1/8" to 5/8", 2--Hollywood 2-1/2" Grip Heads, 2--Hollywood 40" Gobo Arms, 4--Matthbags, 2--12"x18" Flags,2--12"x18" Single Scrim Black, 2--12"x18" Double Scrim Black, 2--12"x18" Artificial Silk Diffuser, 1 Carrying Case.

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