Lanternlock 12" Fixture Kit

As low as $70.00
  • Comes with both the 12" Lanternlock and Lanternlock Brand 12" China Ball
  • Designed to hold China Balls fully expanded, provide a solid non-swinging light-socket
  • Industry-standard 5/8" Baby Pin for mounting

This kit comes with both the 12" Lanternlock and Lanternlock Brand 12" China Ball.

The 12" Lanternlock Lighting System is designed to hold China Balls fully expanded, provide a solid non-swinging light-socket, and an industry-standard 5/8" Baby Pin for mounting...everything one could ask for.

The Lanternlock is a Paper Lantern holder and Light Socket all in One! Use it with "C" stands, or clamp it in any device which accepts a 5/8" stud. No more trouble securing a china ball on a dolly... or worrying about the wind! Precision made and constructed of high quality steel. Frame is constructed of 3/16" steel rod. All joints are welded together. Quickly secure paper lanterns for optimal placement in any position!

Each 12" Lanternlock is made from quality components. All frames are made of 3/16" steel rod , the socket is heat-resistant ceramic, and the cord is heavy duty 18-3 grounded wire with a molded plug.

For even more versatility, the Lanternlock includes a Shade Ring permanently mounted on the stud. Duvetyne or other shade material can be pinned to the ring, instead of the delicate paper... your lanterns will last much longer.

Throw away that flimsy wire spreader that comes with a paper lantern... save time on location; no more need to assemble your paper lantern and socket and then try to figure out how to hang it securely!

NOTE: The 12" Lanternlocks require China Balls that conform to the Lanternlock standards. The top opening of the 12" china ball must be 4-3/4" in diameter and the bottom must be 3-1/4" in diameter. Using other china balls, like Lindcraft, will result in damage to the paper china ball.

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