Rosco 101034036020 Cinegel 0.6 ND Filter, 60"x20' Roll

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  • 60" x 20'
  • Incident light level by two stops
  • Heat-resistant base polymer
  • Optically clear

Rosco Cinegel 3403 N.6 mired Shift N/A Reduces incident light level by two stops. Extra-wide 57 in. Optically clear (Transmission = 25%).

The Rosco Cinegel 0.6 ND Filter (60"x20' Roll) is meticulously manufactured on a heat-resistant base polymer utilizing a patented deep-dyed technology for optical clarity. On-line computerized colorimetry continuously monitors color and density against strict standards, thus assuring a reliable and consistent product. Neutral Density filter reduces the level of exterior light and bring it within the exposure range of interior light levels.

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Color: Rosco N.6
Size: 60" x 20' (145cm x 6.4m) Roll
Transmission: 25%, -2.0s
Application: Reduces light intensity two stops. Optically clear.

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