Libec Professional Carbon Piping Tripod System with Mid-level Spreader for ENG Setups

  • RHP75 Head
  • RSPlus counterbalance technology
  • RT50C Tripod
  • BR-6B Spreader
  • RC-70 Case

The Libec Professional Carbon Piping Tripod System with Mid-level Spreader for ENG Setups includes the RHP75 Head with RSPlus counterbalance technology, RT50C Tripod, BR-6B Spreader and the RC-70 Case.

The RHP75 Fluid Head features the fully adjustable Continuous Counterbalance technology. It offers optimal counterbalance, as well as Balance Stabilizer Mechanism that prevents the slightest wobble on your image, while providing a smooth balancing system.

The Fluid Head features a 7-step pan and tilt torque switch that covers a wide torque range. The one-touch attachment and release ensures that the camera plate can be attached and detached with just a touch, enabling fast and easy setup. The Fluid Head comes with the PH-8B Pan Handle with rubber grip that can stop the camera precisely at any tilt angle.

The Fluid Head is capable of operating at temperature of -40°F. The Fluid Head features a 75mm diameter ball head. It is designed for use with ENG (Electronic News Gathering) cameras that can capture fast moving objects.

The tripod system is made using sturdy aluminum, and has a payload capacity of 37.5 lb.


  • Fully adjustable Continuous Counterbalance technology
  • Unique Balance Stabilizer Mechanism to prevent the slightest wobble on image
  • Smooth balancing system
  • Good drag and torque system
  • 7-step pan and tilt torque switch
  • Designed for ENG set-ups
  • Can be used to shoot fast moving objects
  • 1-touch attachment and release
  • Comes with professional tripod case
  • 37.5 lb payload capacity
More Information
SKU 41201
  • Payload: 37.5 lbs
  • Counterbalance: 12 to 31 lbs; Continuous
  • Drag Mode: 7 step
  • Tilt Angle: +90° / -70°
  • Bubble Level: Illuminated
  • Camera Plate: Sliding
  • Sliding Range: -2.2"/ +2.2"
  • Plate Attachment: 2 x 3/8" screw
  • Spare Screw: 3/8"
  • Height: 25.5 to 69"
  • Width: 28.0 to 43.3"
  • Length: 36.0" (foldable)

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