Filmtools Jumbo Mikros Lens Cleaning Cloth Microfiber 14.25" x 14.25",

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CL-5 Imprinted
  • Scientifically designed tri-woven microfibers
  • Ideal for wrapping 6.6" X 6.6" filters
  • Less than 1/1000 the thickness of hair
  • Absorbs dirt and oily film without chemicals
  • Softest and most absorbent microfiber cloth on the market
  • Measures 14.25" X 14.25"
The Filmtoolsᆴ Jumbo Mikros Cloth (microfiber cloth measures 14.25" x 14.25". It's ideal for wrapping 6.6" x 6.6" filters in before you place them into their storage pouches. (see picture) Filmtoolsᆴ is your new source for the #1 rated lens cleaning cloth; The MIKROS Microfibre Cleaning Cloth. We stock only the chamois style which is preferred by all leading camera assistants. Also great for cleaning CDs and DVDs. The Mikros cloth is made of scientifically designed tri-woven microfibres, less than 1/1000 the thickness of hair. It absorbs dirt and oily film without chemicals and it's the softest and most absorbent microfibre cloth on the market. 100% lint-free and non-abrasive. Washing renews the cloth to it's original condition. The 14.25" x 14.25" Micros Cloth (203 square inches) is 3.87 times larger than our standard 7.5" x 7" Cloth (52.5 square inches).
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