Cinevate Hedron Slider with Fly Wheel (Various)

As low as $899.00
  • Cinevate's smoothest slider ever
  • 40 lbs weight capacity
  • CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel
  • Integrated bumpers
  • Virtually silent
  • 50% increased rigidity

The Cinevate Hedron Slider with Fly Wheel is a premium slider that delivers smooth slider shots vertically, horizontally, manually, or electrically every time. Designed with a high attention to detail, Cinevate has crafted a slider that quiter and smoother than any of its predecessors yet stronger and lighter. Though the design may look simple, the slider achieves complex movements with a high degree of accuracy and extreme precision. 

Built from the ground up, the Cinevate Hedron Slider with Fly Wheel is comprised of only proprietary components. With high quality materials, the Hedron can support rigs of up to 40 lbs with its solid CNC machined aluminum body and stainless steel fasteners. Even under heavy loads, the advanced motion control system makes it faster and easier to capture timelapse, real time motion and stop motion with unmatched precision. The integrated fly-wheel enables consistent and smooth for every shot with a counter balance to ensure the steadiest shots possible. 

The Cinevate Hedron Slider with Fly Wheel features: 

  • 40 lbs weight capacity
  • CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel
  • Center and side mounting tripod 
  • Integrated bumpers on end blocks
  • Cinevate's smoothest slider
  • Micro adjusting urethan ball feet
  • Micro adjustable rollers for maximum precision slides
  • 50% increased rigidity
  • Virtually silent 
  • Fully scalable with add-ons 
More Information
SKU 53216-etc
Materials CNC machined aluminum 
Reinforced steel drive belts 
Stainless steel fasteners
Mounting Screw Carriage platform: 3/8"-16
Mounting Holes 1/4-20 and 3/8"-16

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