Bluestar Ultrasuede Eyepiece Cushions - Round Small (Natural)

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  • Material: Ultrasuede
  • Color: Natural
  • Size: Round Large

The Bluestar Eyepiece Cushions, also known as eyepiece chamois, are made exclusively in Canada under the supervision of the the Bluestar Management Team. Because of this, this ensures that their product is both the highest levels of cleaniness and quality. These eyepiece cushions are handmade from the highest quality materials, inspected, and packaged one at a time. Since establishment, Bluestar has been the world leading designer and manufacturer of the Viewfinder Eyecushions for over 30 years now.


For over 33 years, Bluestar has exclusively used 100% Natural Oil-Tanned Genuine English Chamois. This 100% natural sheepskin leather is wheel-buffed to a downy softness, making it the most comfortable surface to press your eye against. It is extremely absorbent, extremely soft, non-irritating and hypoallergenic. While using a Bluestar Chamois Eyecushion, you will notice a familiar ""fresh leather"" scent.


For over 20 years, Bluestar has exclusively used Ultrasuede (Note: formerly used microfiber). This is a 100% synthetic suede material that is extremely absorbent and soft. Those seeking an alternative to Natural Chamois can select from a multitude of Ultrasuede colors.  For nearly 20 years, Bluestar exclusively used this trusted material. 100% made in Japan.


For over 20 years, Bluestar has made Eyecushions with Fleece. Fleece Eyecushions are perfectly suited for cold weather shooting given the fluffy, soft texture. Bluestar's Fleece Eyecushions are made with a soft, familiar material that feels so warm against your face that you'll forget all about the climate, allowing you to focus completely on your shot. 

Note: In some cases, the fleece eyecushions are being used in hot and humid conditions, but we do not recommend this given our chamois and ultrasuede eyecushions are far more absorbent. Fleece could feel irritating on the skin in hot, humid conditions.

Whether you opt for the Natural oil-Tanned Chamois or the synthetic material models, Bluestar Eye Cushions provide you with the maximum absorbency in humid conditions and the most warm feel in cold conditions making them perfect for the camera operator working on a hot set or in a cold location. Each eye cushion is individually sealed in a plastic bag ensuring absolute cleanliness and sanitation until the moment it is placed on the camera. Bluestar Eyecushions have been redesigned in 2017 to easily stretch onto the eyecup and to stay securely in place even under the most extreme conditions. Bluestar Eyecusions: Increased comfort, decreased fatigue, guaranteed sanitation.

Keep Professional. Stay Comfortable. 

Extra Small Round 71mm / 2.8 inches 32mm /1.3 inches
Small Round 71mm / 2.8 inches 40mm / 1.6 inches
Large Round 77mm / 3.0 inches 44mm / 1.7 inches
Extra Large Round 87mm / 3.4 inches 48mm / 1.9 inches
Oval Small 97mm L x 77mm W / 3.8 inches L x 3.0 inches W 46mm / 1.8 inches
Oval Large 103mm L x 82mm W / 4.0 inches L x 3.2 inches W 48.5mm /1.9 inches
Oval Long 112mm L x 74mm W / 4.7 inches L x 2.9 inches W 48mm  /  1.9 inches
Oval Extra Large 129.6mm L x  92mm W / 5.1 inches L x 3.6 inches W 51.8mm / 2.0 inches
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