Backstage Tripod Holder with 5/8" Baby Pin

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  • Can hold two full size Tripods, a rubber bungee secures Tripods in place
  • Built-in 5/8" Baby Pin can accept anything with a 5/8" receiver
  • Max Capacity is 100 lbs
  • Tripod Holder can be flipped 180 degrees so it lays down flat when Nose is folded

The Backstage Tripod Holder with 5/8" Baby Pin is an accessory for your cart to help you carry tripods and mount video monitors on it. This accessory can carry most 35mm motion picture camera tripods. With the two tongues, you can fold them flat when the nose is retracted into the stowage position. In order to use this accessory, you must drill the nose extension. This holder is best used for our existing nose extensions, such as the Filmtools, Magliner, or Cobra 30" nose extension.

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