4.5" Suction / Vacuum Cup with 1/4-20 Spud

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  • Ideal for use in conjuction with ball-heasd for light weight video cameras
  • Perfect for rigging cameras on cars or any smooth non-porous surface
  • 4.5" vacuum / suction cup with black metal mount
  • 1/4-20 thread stud
  • Capacity: 40 lbs
  • Supplied with pad protector.
Wood's 4.5" vacuum/ suction cup with black base, 1/4-20 thread stud. Capacity: 40 lbs. Supplied with pad protector. Ideal for use in conjunction with ball-heads for light weight video cameras. Perfect for rigging cameras on cars or any smooth non-porous surface. A spring-balanced pump ensures a consistent vacuum level and a red-line indicator warns if there is any drop in holding power. Just a few strokes on the plunger will remove the air from between the mount's vacuum pad and the mounting surface. As long as the mount maintains a reliable hold, the plunger remains partially hidden inside the pump and the red line is not visible. If the red line appears, another stroke or two will restore full holding power.  A firm push or pull on the rubber tab at the edge of the pad releases the mount.

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