Matthews Studio Equipment Flex Scrim - 10" x 12" - Solid 238122

  • Matthews Flex Scrim - 10" x 12"
  • Solid
  • Softens light without a great reduction of intensity and offers no ambient bounce
  • Approximate light loss is 1.0 Stop
  • Made of Duvetyne

Matthews Flex Scrim - 10" x 12" - Solid 238122 are made of a slightly heavier spring steel and are available in both Open End and Solid Frames. The Matthews Flex Scrims have pins for easy mounting into either a Superflex Arm, a Flex Arm, or a Grip Head.

Color coded on one of the pins for easy identification of the fabric sewn on. Flex Scrims are available in 10"x12", 'Postage Stamps', or 12"x20" and in a variety of fabrics. Matthews Flex Frames are black powder coated to minimize unwanted reflections.



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