Rhino Ultimate Slider Bundle

This bundle includes:
  • Rhino Slider EVO PRO 42" 
  • Rhino Motion
  • Rhino Arc
  • 24" Carbon Rails
  • 42" Carrying Case
The Rhino Ultimate Slider Bundleis an ultra-lightweight and compact bundle that includes the 42" EVO PRO slider which holds up to 50lbs of camera gear and gives you over 3ft of beautiful sliding distance. It’s ideal for shots where you need a longer slide. This ultimate package is perfect for shooting car commercials, real estate, or shorts and features.

This bundle includes:

  • Rhino Slider EVO Carbon 42"
  • Rhino Motion
  • Rhino Arc
  • 42" Carrying Case

The Rhino Slider EVO Carbon - 42" is a light-weight and compact, belt-driven slider that adapts to your shooting needs. The system includes rails that can support loads up to 15 lb. As a part of an interchangeable system, the EVO allows over 16 possible configurations with the Motion Control accessories and rails. The slider sports all-terain legs and are spring-loaded for easy deployment. The self-leveling grip allows the legs to securely latch onto any surface. 

Rhino Slider EVO is built with only the finest, most reliable materials. All of the core components are machined out of solid billet aluminum. They're bead blasted to deburr any hard edges which creates a lustrous satin finish. Next, they're anodized which protects the raw material from oxidizing and creates a hard surface to resist wear and the elements.

The Rhino Slider EVO features a 3/8"-16 screw on the camera carriage for attaching a ball head or flat-base fluid head. It can be center-mounted on a tripod via 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded holes in the center of the rails, or supported using two tripods or stands via 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads at the ends of the tripod. 

The Rhino Motion Controller for EVO Sliders is designed to capture both live motion and tim-lapse shots. The Rhino Motion includes a motor and controller for Rhino EVO Sliders which can be use with the EVO rails )sold separately). With the other accessories, the versatile Motion can be used to capture breathtaking and cinematic shots.

Redefining How You Move
Rhino Motion enables you to capture stunning Live Motion and Timelapse in a single unit. A large QVGA screen lets you setup your move quickly and start filming faster. Using a powerful, ultra-precise (.7u resolution) drive system and a built in 7 hour battery, you can film on multiple shoots without needing to swap motors or use external batteries.

Turn Wheel to Slide 
Turning the controller wheel moves your camera along the slider and allows you to react in real time to dynamic scene.. Whether it's waiting for the perfect moment at a wedding or capturing spontaneous live action, you can be confident you'll get the shot on the first take.

Create a Move
You can also quickly program a move which allows you to program specific in and out points, time of travel, ramping and looping. Ramping eases in and out of a set move. Looping repeats the move in the opposite direction which enables you to film an interview with your b-cam autonomously moving back and forth.

Time Lapse
Time Lapse is as simple as setting a direction, length of travel and how long you want it to last. This is ideal for those just getting into time lapse photography. For those wanting more control use Advanced Time Lapse which can trigger your camera's shutter with Rhino Motion's built in intervalometer (with the included shutter cable). Using the shoot-move-shoot approach, your camera is stationary while taking a picture and moves between shots to eliminate motion blur. Setting up a move is easy. Setting your exposure and duration defines how long your final clip can be in your edit. When you change the value of either exposure or duration Rhino Motion automatically calculates the new max clip length. Leave your interval calculator at home from now on.

The Rhino Arc Motorized Pan Head for Rhino Motion integrates with the Rhino Motion system to add panning to your linear movement. Create dynamic arching or sweeping shots to liven up your time-lapse and real-time motion shots. The pan head can support up to 15 lbs.

Panning Made Simple
Rhino Arc makes difficult panning shots easy with simple motorized control.

Automatic Tracking for Interviews
Track a subject in an interview at any distance. Create a looping shot in Rhino Motion to set up an autonomous B-camera for a single person crew. The quiet motor allows you to record audio without worrying about noise.

Reveal More of your Story
Tell more of your story with greater creativity and control. Film arcing or sweeping shots at any distance on any length of Rhino Slider at travel speeds up to 8 inches per second.

Capture Dynamic Landscape Time Lapse
Use Rhino Arc to make your time lapses more compelling. Take control of your camera's shutter with the built in intervalometer. Rhino Arc triggers your exposures when the system isn't moving to eliminate motion blur during your time lapse. The built in battery and compact size let you take the system on extended, remote trips.

Intuitive Setup
Setting up your move is as easy as pointing your camera at your subject using the wheel on Rhino Motion from each end of the slider. After the initial setup, your camera will automatically pan in any mode in Rhino Motion as your carriage moves.

The Rhino Slider EVO Carrying Case - 42" helps protect and transport the Rhino Slider EVO. The case can fit a fully assembled slider without and sports an expandable "pop top" design to allow an attached fluid head. The soft interior lining helps protect the slider from scratches and the retaining straps keep the slider secured in place.

More Information
SKU 62001
Specifications "

Slider EVO Carrying Case

Material Ballistic Nylon
Dimensions 360 degrees
Weight 5.19 lb

Arc Pan Head

Load Capacity 15 lb
Panning Range 360 degrees
Screw Thread 3/8"-16
Mounting Thread 3/8"-16
Charging Port Mini-USB
Weight 17 oz

Rhino 24" Rails

Compatibility EVO Carbon Slider 
Material Carbon Fiber and 6061 Aluminum
Load Capacity 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 4.5 x 1"
Weight 1 lbs
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