Rabone Replica 33.5' Leather Encased Tape Measure "Fauxbone" - Brown

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  • 33.5 Feet long
  • Color: Brown
  • Tape measure
  • White stitching and brass accents
  • Enclosed in tooled leather
The Rabone Replica 33.5 ft Leather Encased Tape Measure by Bright Tangerine features a 33.5 foot long cloth rule encased in tooled leather with white stitching, brass accents and brass winding mechanism. It displays feet and inches on one side, meters and centimeters on the other side. It has a metal loop at the end making it very easy to attach the end to the film plane index pin and get accurate measurements. This Leather Encased Tape Measure from Bright Tangerine posseses the quality of craftsmanship not seen since the Legendary Rabone & Sons popular with A.C.s over the years. The new Ox Blood color is a richer colored leather, similar to deep reddish brown.

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