Tether Tools Rock Solid "A" Spring Clamp - Black (Various)

As low as $5.25
  • Non-reflective black
  • Ideal clamp pressure for light clamping and speedy application and removal
  • Nickel plated steel jaws
  • Heavy-duty tempered steel springs
  • Polyvinyl handles and tips
  • Point-of-pressure remains near jaw
  • Clamping Strength = 8.5kg / 18.11 lbs

The Tether Tools Rock Solid "A" Spring Clamp - Black features a spring-operated jaw that can hold a variety of materials efficiently and securely. The non-reflective black with coated handle and tip clamp safely holds equipment such as bounce cards, shot lists, scripts, backdrops, and reflectors.

The clamp is designed for pressure clamping and when speedy application and removal are important. The handles and tips are polyvinyl-coated for comfort and protection.  The Rock Solid Pony “A” Clamp includes two holes that allow for any piece of gear with a 1/4″-20 thread and accompanying nut to be attached to the clamp.

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SKU 67248-etc
Color Non-reflective Black 
Clamping Strength 18.11 lbs / 8.5 kg
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