Genus Superior Follow Focus System G-SFOCS

  • Clamp-on quick bar release mechanism
  • Sliding bracket
  • Smooth rotation on the focus gear
  • Accomodates reverse rotation
The Genus Superior Follow Focus System features a clamp-on quick bar release mechanism which allows you to detach the follow focus without taking everything else off your rig. The Superior Follow Focus also has a sliding bracket that allows the user to change the pitch gears with ease. This follow focus offers smooth rotation on the focus gear and the gear box assembly can be flipped to accommodate reverse rotation. The beveled marking disc can be reused again and again (use pencil or non-permanent marker). The focus knob accommodate standard focus whips and speed cranks. (Such as Arri, Redrock Micro etc). Ships with (2) 0.5 pitch gears and (2) 0.6 pitch gears. 0.8 is available (Sold Separately)
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