Formatt 6.6x6.6 Firecrest ND 4.8

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  • Neutral density filter
  • 16 stops
  • 6.6 x6.6"
  • 15-layer multi-coating
  • 4mm-thick Schott Superwite glass
  • Attenuates infrared light
  • Eliminates color casts

The Formatt 6.6x6.6 Firecrest ND 4.8 is a solid neutral density filter that provides a high level of neturality across three spectrums. This neutrality allows the elimation of color casts and captures darker, deeper blacks. The filter has been designed to promote flat attenuation of infrared, UV, and visible light while reducing variable color casts. While darkening the overall image, the filter allows for the increase of aperture or exposure time in order to control depth of field and maintain accurate, true color. 

The Formatt 6.6x6.6 Firecrest ND 4.8 is made of Schott Superwite glass which utilizes 15-layers of Firecrest multi-coating. The high-quality construction aids in maintaining true colors and contrast while minimizing reflections and flare. Utilizing this coating allows for the filter to be more resistant to scratches and damages and provides durability and reliability. 

The 6.6 x 6.6", 4mm-thick Formatt 6.6x6.6 Firecrest ND 4.8 filter features:

  • 16 stops exposure reduction 
  • Darkens image and removes color casts
  • Maintains image clarity
  • Allows more control for depth of field 
  • 15-layer Firecrest multi-coating
  • Schott Superwite glass 
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SKU 53090
Type Solid neutral density
Size 6.6 x 6.6" (0.16" thick)
Density 0.3
Coat 15-layer multi-coat
Construction Schott Superwite glass
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