Filmtools Teenie Weenie Bicycle Master Kit

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Filmtools Teenie Weenie Bicycle Master Kit provides you with all the essential components to build professional quality mounts for use with your GoPro Hero and Hero2 cameras.
The Filmtools Teenie Weenie bicycle mount master kit is a professional rigging kit Filmtools has put together for creating stabilized cycle shots. Filmtools has created 3 separate options for your rigging needs.

Choose from one of the following:
  • (1.) No Camera Attachment. This option is designed for you to use your existing camera attachment such as an existing cheese plate with our 3/8" grip gear
  • (2.) Cheeseplate & Ball Head. This option provides a cheeseplate and a ball head for you to mount your camera to our 3/8" grip gear
  • (3.) Unruly Headgear GoPro Cage This option includes the Unruly Headgear GoPro Cage so that you can rig your GoPro Hero or Hero2 action cam in a professional, stabilized manner.

Purchasing this kit makes it simple for the user to rig their existing camera in a variety positions. Below is a video showing the stabilized shots that can be achieved using this bike mount kit.

Filmtools Teenie Bicycle Master Kit Includes
Item # DescriptionQuantity
13753A.Solid Aluminum Black Rod 3/8"x 3"4
13755B.Solid Aluminum Black Rod 3/8"x 12"4
13756C.Solid Aluminum Black Rod 3/8"x 18"6
13757D.Solid Aluminum Black Rod 3/8"x 24"10
13634E.Filmtools 18" SS Tube4
13635F.Filmtools 24" SS Tube10
2738G1.Cardellini Mini Cardellini Clamp3
2739G2.Cardellini Skinny Mini Cardellini Clamp2
18914H.Filmtools Teenie-Weenie Grip Head35
5244I.Pelican 1030 Micro Case Solid Black1
22228J.Filmtools 1/4-20 M to 3/8-16 F Adapter2
15934K.Filmtools Teenie-Weenie 3/8"-16 Coupler6
16964L.3/8-16 Acorn Nut N/P24
8230M.3/8-16 Low-Profile Jam Nut12
6666N.Bucket Boss Big Daddy Gatemouth Tool Bag1
OPTIONAL: Cheeseplate & Ball Head Mount Adds to the Master Kit
15932Option 2Teenie-Weenie Cheese Plate 3/8-16 Tapped1
15961Option 2Manfrotto 496 Compact Ball Head1
8228Option 23/8 Split Washer1
850Option 23/8-16 x 1" Hex Head Bolt1
1703Option 2Filmtools Hot Shoe to 3/8"-16 Adapter1
13754Option 2Solid Aluminum Black Rod 3/8"x 6"1
13753Option 2Solid Aluminum Black Rod 3/8"x 3"4
16964Option 23/8-16 Acorn Nut N/P5
8230Option 23/8-16 Low-Profile Jam Nut5
15934Option 2Filmtools Teenie-Weenie 3/8"-16 Coupler1
OPTIONAL: Unruly Headgear GoPro Cage Adds to the Master Kit
22612Option 3Unruly Headgear1

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