Canare RCA Digital Video Cable - Black (Various)

As low as $16.75
  • Color: Black
  • Reliable conductor for video and sound signals for Camcorder, DVD player, VCR to a monitor
  • Dual layering shielding
  • 75-Ohm impedance
  • High quality, high resolution cable used by professional video rental companies

The Canare RCA Video Cable is the reliable conductor for video and sound signals from a Camcorder, DVD player, VCR, ect. to a Monitor. The Canare L-4CBF digital cable features a dual layer shielding, and 75-Ohm impedance, even when bent. This high quality, high resolution cable is as first-rate and is the most popular brand, used by the professional video rental companies, yet priced lower than "Monster Cables." Each Digital Video Cable comes with Canare Gold-Tipped RCAP-C4A Connectors and rubber strain relief boots.

Available in the following sizes

  • 6" sku# 12873
  • 12" sku# 12875
  • 18" sku# 12876
  • 2' sku# 12870
  • 5' sku# 12872
  • 10' sku# 12874
  • 25' sku# 12877
  • 50' sku# 12879
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