3DR Black Propeller Set for Solo Quadcopter - Pair

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  • 10 x 4.5" Self-Tightening Props
  • One Clockwise (CW) Prop
  • One Counterclockwise (CCW) Prop

The 3DR Black Propeller Set for Solo Quadcopter - Pair features a pair of spare self-tightening props in black, one clockwise (CW) and one counterclockwise (CCW) model. Please ensure, when replacing your props, that you use the same rotational model as was there before. Improperly installed props may loosen and detach in flight.

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SKU 52259

Compatible with 3DR Solo drones

For use with your existing unmanned aerial vehicle.

Plastic construction

Offers durability.

2 propellers

Allow you to replace existing propellers and get your drone back in the air.

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