Arri R7 Reduction Ring - 130mm-86mm

  • Steps Down Lens to 86mm
  • Used for Clamp-On
  • Fits in Clamp On Adapters/Filter Stages with 130mm
  • For MMB-1
These Arri LMB-5 Adapter Rings connects to the 130mm Clamp Adapter. The adapter rings will step the 130mm Clamp Adapter down to your desired size. Available diameters: 80mm, 80mm-HS for Zeiss Super Speed Lenses, 85mm, 86mm, 87mm for Zeiss Vario Sonnar, 90mm, 92mm, 95mm, 95mm-WA for 13x4.5mm Fujinon and 11x4.7mm Canon, 96mm, 98mm, 100mm, 104mm, 105mm, 110mm, 114mm, 117mm, 120mm, 128mm, and 128mm-WA for Fujinon HAe3x5. CAT 338260 K2.47671.0, 338258 K2.47672.0, 338262 K2.47673.0, 338264 K2.4674.0, 338266 K2.47675.0, 338268 K2.47676.0, 338270 K2.47677.0, 338272 K2.47678.0, 338206 K2.65031.0, 338276 K2.47679.0, 338278 K2.47680.0, 338280 K2.47681.0, 338282 K2.47682.0, 338248 K2.65097.0, 338284 K2.47683.0, 338286 K2.47684.0, 338288 K2.47685.0, 338290 K2.47686.0, 338292 K2.47687.0, 338272 K2.47678.0
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