Arri Follow Focus FF-5 Cine Kit Pro 380703

  • FF-5 Cine Base
  • Focus Knob standard left
  • Module gear for smaller primes 0.8
  • Module gear for larger primes 0.8
  • Focus knob standard right
  • Focus lever
  • Flexible shaft short
  • Marking disk flat large (10x)
The ARRI Follow Focus FF-5 Cine Kit Pro is a complete follow focus kit that provides film style follow focus for digital productions. The Arri FF-5 is designed specifically for lenses with a smaller diameter focus barrel, the FF-5メs longer swing arm ensures proper gear position on the focus ring and a lower gear ratio for a more exacting focus pull on smaller diameter lenses or those with compressed focus scales. This Kit includes right and left focus knobs, which along with the FF-5メs longer body allows operation from either camera side with ENG lenses. The FF-5 Cine integral snap-on mechanism locks onto 15mm lightweight support rods and can be adapted to work with ARRI standard 15mm or 19mm bridgeplate support rods. This kit also includes a focus lever, a short flexible shaft, 10 replacement marking discs and 2 different gears, one for smaller primes and the other for larger primes.

FF-5 Cine Set pro K0.60144.0 Includes
  • FF-5 Cine Base, K2.65246.0
  • Focus Knob standard left, K2.65253.0
  • Module gear for smaller primes 0.8, K2.47252.0
  • Module gear for larger primes 0.8, K2.47002.0
  • Focus knob standard right, K2.47215.0
  • Focus lever, K2.32730.0
  • Flexible shaft short, K2.34100.0
  • Marking disk flat large (10x), K4.32713.0
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